1. Sold products are not refundable. If the sold product from our site is either faulty or defective, it must be returned within 7 days with the complete accessory box and unreformed condition.
2. For support, you can direct call or contact with our sales staff by emailing
3. Regarding the product subject to the service, cargo fees and damages that may arise during transportation process are belongs to the consumer.
4. In cases where any deterioration, breakage, destruction or rupture is detected on the product, it should be sent to our service as the same condition as it is received, without any repair intervention.
5. For defects that may arise after the product delivery, contact with the manufacturer's authorized service department.
6. ZARE JEWELERY and SHINE LINE cannot be held liable of change or refund for user error contrary to the user's manual or system that are not exist in the product standards.
7. Zare Jewelery and Shine Line reserve the right to change the product prices. Prices may be subject to momentary changes depending on the market conditions. Our Company cannot be put under any obligation because of increasing or decreasing prices.
8. The processing date for money/ EFT orders is not the date the order was placed, but the date when the payment was confirmed at our bank accounts.
9. For money / EFT orders, orders will be canceled if the payment has not been transferred to the bank account within one week. The money / EFT transfers are notified by the client by clicking on "remittance / EFT" button from, right after the money transfer.
10. If you shop at, you are agreeing that this is a personal use shopping, not for resale.
11. Please open and check the delivered package at the presence of cargo company representative. If you detected any damage on the delivered product, do not accept the delivery. Please note that if you accept the product with a damaged condition either by keeping an official report with the cargo personnel or not, it will be assumed that you have accepted cargo company fully fulfills its responsibility and no liability for the damaged product.
12. If the product you have received has been delivered to you via the cargo company, you should open the product without damaging the package and accept the delivery after physical control. If there is a deficiency or damage detected, you must keep an official record to the cargo personnel. Our company cannot be held responsible for any problems that may arise due to the cargo company.
13.If you use the and website, you have read, understand and agree to the above terms and conditions.

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